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Are pages missing at the end of the grade 8 Empire in the Middle Ages unit study? We are missing lessons 13-15.

We have borrowed the kit, but the folder only includes instructions up to lesson 12 though the table of contents goes up to lesson 15. Can you please email us the missing page?
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Hi Melody,

The table of contents lists 15 items, but there are only 12 lessons:


1.    Resource list and lesson web links                                                                ….pg. 2

2.    List of Learning Outcomes covered by this unit study                                ….pg. 3

3.    Portfolio Submission Guidelines                                                                    ….pg. 4

4.    Lesson One: Goths                                                                                           ….pg. 5

5.    Lesson Two: Huns                                                                                            ….pg. 6

6.    Lesson Three: Maya                                                                                          ….pg. 7

7.    Lesson Four: Tang Dynasty                                                                            ….pg. 9

8.    Lesson Five: Islamic Empire                                                                            ….pg. 10

9.    Lesson Six: Vikings                                                                                           ….pg. 11

10. Lesson Seven: England                                                                                   ….pg. 12

11. Lesson Eight: Japan                                                                                         ….pg. 13

12. Lesson Nine: Mali Empire                                                                                ….pg. 14

13.  Lesson Ten:  Venice                                                                                        ….pg. 15

14. Lesson Eleven: Kingdom of Castile                                                               ….pg. 16

15.  Lesson Twelve: What in the World Vol.2                                                      ….pg. 17



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