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Why don't "My Profile" and "Logout" buttons appear in the upper right of my L4U "Home" page?

I can only access the My Profile/Logout buttons when I first log in. After searching for items these buttons are not available on the main "Home" page or any other page I've searched through. In order to access my profile, I must close the window and then reenter the site. Closing the entire site is the only way I can logout in order to do this. It is difficult to not be able to go quickly to my profile page to view books out, due dates, etc without having to log out/in. I've read the help document at but the "view" of my homepage does not match the "view" of the homepages in this document. The only difference that I can see is that the "Profile/Logout" buttons are not visible. Even when I hover the mouse in that area, there is no option to click on anything ... even any "invisible" graphics areas. Thanks for clarifying why these are different and for sending info on how to fix.
Last Updated: Oct 14, 2013  |  3 Views
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Hi Heather,

I will test your site and see what is happening, then email you.

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