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Do you have other adapted/modified materials for writing output similar to Underground to Canada : Supporting the Novel Barbara Smucker.

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2012  |  57 Views
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Hello Judy:)

We do not have any adapted novel studies however you can find some at the following website, and I think Underground Railway is there.

I have also sent an email to our learning services department and if I hear more I will let you know:)



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  1. Hi Judy here are some more comments:
    I have recommended these to families myself. I first discovered them at a convention when I was working in the public school system. The company was originally from Europe and explained to me how when they first moved to N America they couldn't get over how laborious "novel studies" were especially for students who struggled with written output. In an effort to keep and foster a love for reading without killing it with "writing" they designed these novel/subject studies. I have personally used several myself with my own kids. One for a younger gifted student reading a novel well above her age and one to simply keep the reading going without having to slow down so much with answering questions etc. From what I gather I think they fairly closely follow PLO's. I would recommend them with confidence :)
    I went to the website and previewed the materials that they offer. Below is a link to a novel study for ‘The Giver’ . It looks like it would meet the student’s learning needs as there is very little writing output needed. I used similar novel studies at the school that I used to work at because we had some students who were not able to provide the written output needed for science. I never used the novel study booklets though only science. Here is the link I mentioned above:

    Hi Pippa,
    I have used Johnson and Davies materials for years.
    They are great as they require less writing and more research, reading, and drawing to get answers.
    Simona Abel for Kiara and Judyth Fry for Aiden and Harmony have used the materials, as well as some others that have graduated.
    They are inexpensive and good for novel studies, science and socials topics. Children like them and work well with them.
    by Pippa Davies on Apr 03, 2012.